Oscar 2013 We Saw Your Boobs [VIDEO]

Charlize Theron we saw your boobs

Charlize Theron

Well…. this post is not exactly a leak but it does kind of fit the content of Leaked Celebrity Photos.  One of the highlights of the show for this year’s Oscar awards was the song ‘We Saw your Boobs‘ performed by its host, Seth MacFarlane.   The song caused some micro-second moments of embarrassment for some of the female stars. This song should perhaps be considered as the national anthem for the oscars awards!  Here it is just in case if you missed it.

The song pretty much names every single exposed actress who had a hit during the recent years. The only star who survived MacFarlane’s boobs wrath was Jennifer Lawrence. There are moments in the video that you can see total sings of disgust on the faces of Charlize Theron and Naomi Watts.

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