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Leaked Celebrity Photos brings you Charlize Theron nude! If you watched the Oscar awards this year, Charlize Theron was the gorgeous short hair blond actress who seemed to get upset when the camera panned on her during the ‘We Saw Your Boobs’ song. The song didn’t really do her justice – it left other body parts out; take a look!!

There are loads of Charlize Theron naked pictures all over the web, and those the real deal; none of the fake stuff. The South African beauty was hit with a surprise during the Oscar Nominations this year when Seth MacFarlane did that number with his now famous ‘We saw your boobs‘ Oscars song. The fact that she got singled out might have been upsetting to the actress, otherwise Theron for sure is very much aware of her own very public naked footprint on the web.

Have you seen Charlize Theron sex tape? This one is a must see – watch it here!


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